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Nari Shakti Kumbh

An Ideological Discussion


Woman have occupied a peace of high importance, respect and grandeur in the Veda’s. The beautiful description in Veda’s about woman education, inherent qualities, duties, rights and their role in society cannot be found in any other religious text throughout the world. Vaicharik Kumbh aims to empower women to be in tune with the present times of the society and find solution to the prevailing challenging atmosphere.

Nari Shakti Kumbh is a unique joint venture of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Agra. In the Kumbh nearly 3000 women from different fields will assemble for thoughtful discussions pertaining to woman.

This kumbh is an endeavour to give this message to women that even today the women are performing their role in different fields. Today, the women are performing powerful role in religious, social, economic, political, artistic, scientific and any other imaginable field. Conferring honour to prominent women in various fields will provide positive direction to other women.

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This Vedic Mantra is the basic objective of Nari Sakti Kumbh. Women’s active thoughtful discussion is the foundation of any nation. Women will assemble from the entire country in this congregation, there will be in-depth discussion about women related matters and challenges faced by them and their solutions in the contemporary context.

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