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Nari Shakti Kumbh

An Ideological Discussion

Abstract/ Article Submission

Nari Shakti Kumbh (Ek Vaicharik Manthan) will be organised at Akshay Patra, Vrindavan. We invite original research papers/ articles from the intellectuals/ academicians/social thinkers. The selected research papers/articles will be published for the benefit of all concern. Research papers/ articles can be submitted on any one of the following topics:-

  • Philosophy and theory of Indian womanhood.
  • Concept of Adishakti.
  • Woman’s rights and duties in vedic literatute.
  • Indian approach towards women.
  • Explanation of freedom and respect of Indian women in mythology.
  • Importance of family in culture enrichment.
  • Effect of globalization on family system.
  • Convergence of global challenges-concept of Indian family.
  • Social and National responsibility of women.
  • Different dimensions of women’s safety.
  • Indian women contemplation in the current scenario.
  • Women’s current status,challenges and solutions
    1. Economic
    2. Social
    3. spiritual
    4. political
    5. science and technology
  • Role of women in changing environment and Grihasthashram.
  • Important Points:-

  • Please use end notes.
  • Books, Journal names should be in italics and not underlined.
  • Please mention 5 keywords and 5 names of authors for listing.
  • Kindly mention your email i.d and phone number.
  • Send your abstract’s/ articles to narishaktikumbh@gmail.com
  • Format for references: Author’s last name/ Author’s First name/ Journal or Book name / ISSN or ISBN no./
         Published year/ Publisher.
  • Research Paper/ Article Format


    (Last Date: 25 November 2018)

    Maximum Word Limit- 250 words

    Full Paper/Article

    (Last Date: 25 November 2018)

    Maximum Word Limit- 2000 words

    Font: Times New Roman

    Heading: 18 pt

    Sub heading: 14 pt

    Subject matter: 12 pt

         About Us

    This Vedic Mantra is the basic objective of Nari Sakti Kumbh. Women’s active thoughtful discussion is the foundation of any nation. Women will assemble from the entire country in this congregation, there will be in-depth discussion about women related matters and challenges faced by them and their solutions in the contemporary context.

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